When You Ignore Her, You Only Teach Her How To Live Without You

“The real man support her not oppose her”

If you guys keep on arguing on itsy-bitsy, well, that can sometimes deepen your love but sometimes can creepen your love. This happens to almost 95% of couples all over the world. Most men state that women are difficult but diligent. The statement can be agreed by you too, right? But, what made you to ignore her? Is it her extra care? Is that she always keep an eye on you? Or, she is coming out of your neck? It has been observed that men start avoiding the woman when she is being possessive towards him. If your girl, your woman is going into that zone that might strike your brain to rethink about your love life.

So, have you started ignoring her? Do you really avoiding meetings more often? Well, this action might be building an explosive reaction which might soon come to your way. But, don’t worry, if you have seen some nuances of strong girl-power in your girl, this will probably not bother you. If you have noticed some events when your girl has been opinionated about anything, then she is strong enough to not to reciprocate on your ignorance.

Got confused? Here’s some signs in your girl, you have to recall, she might ignore you back.

1. She has stopped arguing

More often, you might have observed that she is contributing equally while you both argue and she might even try to end the argue with a smile and a whole-sole cuddle. But, she walks away from the argue. because, she got to know, it is much more important to save her self-respect than begging for a run in a relationship.


2. She started talking like a friend, not a love-mate

Now, she is more calm and composed! She does not let her affected by your ignorance. You might feel like messaging her and you do! But, she does not seem more interested in talking to you. The late replies are common now!

3. She is more happy without you!

More or less, she has started devoting her time to her friends and family more than with you. Now, she knows the investment of emotion at the right place.

4. Her Insta stories are increasing not to mention you

Somehow, your ignorance have turned her to dig out her instincts and get more noticed. Now, she is more frequent with her posts and stories on instagram, not only that, she is more confident and self-sufficient now.

Are you thinking twice?

Sometimes, it may shock you that \your ignorance did not make her obsessed about you. On the contrary,  she is feeling spaced and relaxed in her life. This might result in a bunch of emotions juggling in your heart. You might feel regret or uncomfortable or might want her back now. But,  the present cannot travel into the past.

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  1. When there’s an investment in the relationship but emotionally and time it means more sense to both then it does to ignore the person. You get out when you put in.

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