7 Touching Reasons Why We Love Our Grandmothers So Much

What do you picture when you think of your grandmother? The smell of freshly baked cookies, her long grey hair she would wear in a bun during the day, her silhouette standing at the stove in the kitchen cooking. Her rough, dry hands and her soft voice that tickled your ears while she was reading a bedtime story. Something you don’t remember your parents ever did.

Oh, sweet memories!

However, the memories and nostalgia aren’t the only reasons why you still love your grandma so much.

Grandmothers are our best friends in childhood, the ladies with the warmest hugs, our second mothers. Someone we could always confide in.

No other woman could compare to her, and these are just a few of the reasons why. Here are seven of them below. I’m sure that you too would agree that these things make every grandmother a special person in her grandchildren’s lives.

1. She loves you even more than her own children

Grandmas love their grandkids to the moon and back and sometimes even more than they love their own children. There is nothing that she would not do to see her grandkids happy. Her love is strong, pure and unconditional.

2. She cooks the best meals

Most grandmothers cook amazing meals, especially if they do them for their grandkids. These old ladies know recipes passed down to them from their moms and grandmoms and can tell what ingredient to use for almost any meal on earth.

3. She can clean a mess like nobody else can

You know your mom will be mad at you because your room is a total mess. However, your grandmother can save the day. A grandma knows how to take an ink stain out of a white shirt, and she will guide you through cleaning up your room. Your grandma knows what to do to make your bed in a sec.

4. She is a woman with style

My grandma was a woman that knew how to dress. Sometimes she showed me her old clothes that did not fit her. They were old fashioned but still so stylish at the same time! Their colors, the models, the fabric. The woman had a flair for making people look beautiful. That is why she taught me how to combine the colors of my clothes, as well as what kind of dresses suited to my body. She taught me so many things my mother never did.

5. She’s always there for the family

There’s no way to stop your grandmother from cleaning the table after a family lunch. She is the person who prepares most of the food for it tas well. No matter how much we tell her to relax, a grandma always wants to help.

6. She will listen to you

Your grandmother will always listen to you. Whatever you need to tell her she is ready to listen. She will never interrupt you or show that she was annoyed with what you had to say to her. She will always have a warm shoulder that you can cry on when you are sad and weak. She’ll patiently wait for you to stop crying. Then tell you what she thinks you have to do to solve your problems.

7. She spoils her grandchildren

Grandmothers would do everything for their beloved grandkids. Either it is cooking their favorite meal late at night or buying their favorite toy for Christmas, they will do what you ask them to. And that will not change with time. Even when you are an adult, she’d be happy to do anything to make you happy.

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