How to stop overthinking?

Are you dealing with overthinking? Are you Unhappy with your current position and want to leave everything because you don’t know how to handle this situation? Don’t worry here I am going to solve your problem through our Motivational Quotes Portal because Overthinking is a biggest of nowadays. So read this carefully and follow steps and motivate yourself for stopping Overthinking.

This is becoming the biggest problem of nowadays people around the world. And this problem has been seen in youngest boys and girls. And this is very hard to come out from this situation without taking some effective steps. In this article we are going to discuss about the how to stop overthinking. And also tell you some deep information about overthinking.

Overthinking is just you are making problem which are not there in real life. When a person starts over thinking then negative thoughts will start coming on his mind. And if a person has negative thought then this is very hard to live happy in life.

Five way how to stop overthinking:

how to stop overthinking

1. Awareness is the beginning of change

 The best way to stay away from the overthinking is just observed it in the starting phase. You have been aware from this in the starting and just find that you are thinking to much and trying to get back current time. You need to understand the seeds of the overthinking and you can overcome from this habit.

2. Don’t think of what can go wrong, but what can go right

Sometimes, the overthinking is start when you are something wrong happened with you. And in this case, you just start thinking about that. But actually, you are not thinking about that situation but in real you are creating problem that are not there at all. But if you can find any positive part in any bad situation, then you can overcome this overthinking habit.

3. Distract yourself into happiness

If you are thinking that worst part of the life than you need to understand that there too many things in everyone’s life to be happy. If any phases come to your life, where you thinking and overthinking about thing that happened with you past time. So, it could be help you out from this problem. Whenever you are alone at home just distract yourself on other work like you can do painting, dancing, excessive and other stuff like that.

4. Put things into perspective

This is very easy to make the things bigger and more negative than they really are. In this case you have to ask yourself how much it will matter in five years. this is the simple question that you have to ask yourself and it will help you to keep away from this situation.

5. Change your view of fear:

This is the important part, because the overthinking is start when we have some dear in our mind. And the fear maybe about you career tension, your any other future activity that you have to perform in upcoming days in front of many peoples. So, in this condition the person start thinking that if I can’t do that then what will happened. If I didn’t get any success in future then what I will do for living. These types of the thought make us weaker. So, you have been confidence about everything you do. Just forget about the future, and living your life today. Yes, my friends today are the day where you can live happy so enjoy the moment and forget about everything.


Risk of the overthinking:

Before start this I want ask a question “how many hours per day you think? Many of your answer will be we have never counted. So, let me tell you one thing is that you mind never stop thinking all the day and even night that you called dream. Dream is also a thinking when are sleeping on the bed.

Overthinking sounds like addiction to many peoples.

When I eat little extra sometimes, then a thought will come in my mind that “I’m overeating. I need to eat less.”

When I work to little extra, then I think in my mind that “I am getting burned out. I need to stop working for a while.”

Above situation is just the examples of the Risk of overthinking. Sometimes overthinking is becoming big problem but the problem is we never consider overthinking as problem. If we say that overthinking is bad then we always assume that only negative thoughts are wring and positive thoughts are good. Actually, you have understood the difference between positive thought and negative thought inn our mind before we judge that negative thought are bad and positive thoughts are good.

risk of overthinking

Positive Thoughts vs. Negative Thoughts

You just need to have a look some common example of the negative and positive thoughts below.

Most of the people will be agree with us about negative thoughts are related to:

  • Worrying
  • Complaining
  • Anger
  • Feeling sorry for yourself
  • Blaming others

Similarly, we can agree that the following thoughts are considered positive:

  • Trying to solve problems
  • Studying
  • Understanding knowledge
  • Planning
  • Visualization
  • Setting goals

After all, negative thoughts make our lives worse. And positive thoughts should make our lives better, right? So, this is the simple fact and information about the overthinking, now you can have an idea that overthinking is good or bad? Just try to take the positive result in the life always. This is the simple way to living the life properly at all. Do not think much about anything just live the moment that you are living right now and forget about the future. Every minute and second is very precious to us so live the every second of the life.

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